Friday, April 29, 2005

Los Angelus - An "Angel" Soundtrack

Los Angelus - An "Angel" Soundtrack:

This playlst, minus one song not available at Rhapsody, was posted to today by the user eclectomaniac. Nice one!

Clicking on the link above will enable you to listen to the mix via Rhapsody. Don't have Rhapsody? No problem, you'll be prompted to download and install the app, and then, given their new service, you'll get to listen to each of these songs for free (you get up to 25 plays a month for free now).

1. Eternal Life - Jeff Buckley
2. Haze - Electronic
3. Sadness Soot - Grant-Lee Phillips
4. Struck - Joe Henry
5. Black - Pete Yorn
6. Bloodsuckers - David Garza
7. Daylight - Delerium
8. And If I Fall - Charlatans U.K."
9. Belong - Remy Zero
10. Darkside - Tanya Donelly (not on Rhapsody)
11. This World - Zero 7
12. Demons - Fatboy Slim