Thursday, November 08, 2007

Matchpoint's Public Debut: ad:tech NY

Welcome to Matchpoint

Matchpoint got its first public industry exposure in a BIG way at ad:tech in NY this week.

Over the two days of the expo, our team of 8 barely had time for a break as our booth was constantly a buzz with folks coming by to learn about Matchpoint. Our booth was in a prime traffic flow area - and, it didn't hurt that the guys across the way were giving out free beer each afternoon.

Here are some photos from the show


The folks that came by our booth represented a cross-section of the industry - advertisers small and larger, publishers representing a wide cross section of content, investment bankers, agencies both domestic and foreign, classic lead aggregators, potential technology partners, bloggers and yes, even a few competitors.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. What seemed to resonate most in general was the way Matchpoint protects a user's privacy. Everyone could relate to that benefit on a personal level. No more "run and hide" from unwanted communication.

I was pleasantly surprised by how many unsolicited, really positive comments I heard from the folks we spent time talking with:

"this is really unique"
"smart, very smart"
"I think your design is great. Nice and clean."
"you're right, this is different from what else is out there"
"the process is really easy to understand"
"are you the guys doing that matching game? that is a great idea."

We also met with a few folks from the industry press during the show (Larry Chase from Web Digest for Marketers, Sarah Novotny from and Mike Shields from Mediaweek). The goal was to build awareness of Matchpoint by providing them with background info and to talk about where we feel we fit in and where we're seeking to deliver improvements over what is out there today. Hopefully we'll start to see some publicity in the coming weeks once the AOL/Quigo, Facebook frenzy dies down a bit.

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