Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Some thoughts on the launch of

We launched about a week and a half ago and so far, so good.

We've gotten some good coverage from places as far away as Japan, Holland, the UK and Italy.

Some notable quotes include:
  • "Pretty decent, actually"
  • "the upto11 service could be one of the single most awesome music finding tools evar."
  • "simply the most amazing music recommendation engine"
We've enjoyed a day or so on the "most popular" bookmarks list, had a number of folks add us to their favorites over at Furl, and had enough mentions to fill up most of the first 4 pages of results at Google.

We've had visitors become members from all over the last count I think we had a member from 15 countries and 18 of 50 states. Members are bookmarking artists, adding "file under" tags and creating playlists.

In general people are finding the site usable, the recommendations relevant and the popularity slider helpful at "chopping off the head" of the results.

That's not to say that everyone loves everything about it. We've had a few bugs reported, the look and feel is not working for some folks, and as always, people want more functionality like being able to upload your library, get longer previews and add /correct artist information.

I'd say, on balance, things are going about as we expected.

What's next?

Well we're on to the business of finishing up some features that didn't quite make it in time for launch, and working through prioritizing bug fixes and enhancements.

Stay tuned for future updates.

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