Tuesday, March 15, 2005

User profiles are interesting

Just spent a bit of time looking at "who" has signed up - and it's fascinating.

There's fairly straight forward folk like "drew.farris" from Olney, MD - who's a fan of electronica and "loveinhaight" from San Francisco who works in Land Conservation and has a taste for Indie bands.

There are folks who take time to put in a crazy photo and a bunch of info about themselves like "base2wave"

And, there are still others put in a photo, but leave us to fill in the blanks as they have just given us a hint of who they are like "masc19".

What's so fascinating about this?

I dunno, to me is just seems interesting that for the most part, people seem to be more comfortable filling in the "favorite bands" field than other fields like hometown, which perhaps seem too personal to them.

I say, "to know me, know my iPod."

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